Why Ciurlionis?

Clothing and interior details made from textiles hold a great power. They create styles, evoke moods and bring colour to our lives. On the other hand, it is the easiest and therefore the most common way of making a subtle statement and expressing oneself.

Therefore, we offer details that speak. Silk scarves and other textiles with paintings by M. K. Čiurlionis are not just stylish accessories. Through them the silent and mysterious light of the artist’s world leaves the museum and shines upon our daily lives. Anyone dressed in Čiurlionis’ work will be able to forever admire the musical harmony of his paintings, memorize the colours and fragments, as well as perceive and embrace them as their own, precious and meaningful.

The paintings by M. K. Čiurlionis are extraordinary miracles and joyous glimpses, anticipated by Alexandre Benois and his friends in Petrapil in the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the works are just faded pastel drawings on ordinary paper, and yet they continue to fascinate and surprise the world. And although we can find the artist’s albums in every Lithuanian home, his spirit often remains in the albums instead of penetrating our everyday lives.

When creating our surroundings, we look for examples and sources of inspiration in the works of Italian, French and other artists, overlooking the tremendous wealth our compatriot has left us. We adore the items on which the works of famous painters are transferred. But why can’t these be Čiurlionis’ paintings? Fashion is what pulls artwork from museums, albums and bookshelves, and makes it visible, brings it closer to us. With Čiurlionis’ paintings, we create fashion that is timeless and enduring just like his work that goes far beyond his era. And it’s hard to tell if we’ve already caught on to it… Happy discoveries!


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